Data Policy

What Data We Collect & Why

Emails - To contact you and so we have a secure way to assign data to you

Ip Addresses - So if needed we can Ip Ban you only if necessary

Astil Industries Passwords - We hold this data due to the fact it will be used for the security system for your account

Astil Industries Services Logs & History - We delete these after a few days for legal reasons but we cant prevent collecting it due to the fact itll be tied with your IP

Purchases - We collect your purchase data of what you have purchased from us so the system can make sure that when a subscription isn't paid you cannot access paid services and to prevent fake lawsuits

How to get your data

Email - contact@astil-industries.com and receive you data within 24 hours

Form Request - Data Fetch Form and it'll be deleted in the space of 24 hours

Request your data via the specified discord server channel

How to get your data deleted from our systems

Email - contact@astil-industries.com and it'll be deleted in the space of 2 days

Form Request - Data Deletion Form and it'll be deleted in the space of 2 days

Warning deletion of any data will result in some services or even all being suspended or deleted from your account or lost forever due to the fact you have deleted the account they are linked to